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31 May 2015 @ 01:47 pm
Jensen Appreciation Project  

  • I'm organizing a thank you/appreciation project for Jensen. He’s come so far from the shy, reserved Jensen at cons past. I personally got to witness it first hand. I was at the second con in Chicago and he was so quiet and bashful. At the recent cons I’ve attended, he was so much more outgoing. I would like to give him something to let him know that we as a fandom love and support him. That we appreciate his effort to let his guard down and embrace us.

  • If you’d like to be a part of the project you can send letters, messages, photos, artwork etc to my inbox here or my email: prettierthanme@hotmail.com

  • If you send an email, please put Jensen or something to the effect that it is for the book in the subject. This way if it happens to go into my junk mail I can still find it.

  • Deadline is September 1st. I plan on giving him the book at Dallas Con in September. Please repost this to get the word out. Also feel free to use the gif above that I made to promote the project.

  • I also started a community for this project. You can find it here.

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